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For me, drama has the capacity to make the invisible visible, it helps us see, hear, and feel the discourses of the world in a very human way. A medium that permeates social and physical boundaries, theatre embodies, enacts, exaggerates and/or symbolizes these discourses to create recognition through participation. Over the course of my Honours B. A. in Drama & Theatre at McGill University, my relationship with theatre has grown into one that places me as a Creationist, or Maker. My main ‘normative’ discipline would be directing, but playwriting, and design (set design, mask making, visual art, costume design, graphic design, sculpture) all feed into how I approach the role of director. My mind thinks in pictures. Imagery is the real language of my mind. Theatre allows me to take the vivid imagery I experience, the feelings I get from the colours and shapes that I tether from the text and the actors, and place it on stage to share with others. I have been using theatre as a way to navigate my Indigenous identity, and as a way to decolonize my mind, body, and voice to be able to help others do the same. I am heavily influenced by the voice and breath work of Linklater, Berry & Rodenburg, of course Viewpoints, and I've recently studied mask & clown under John Turner of Mump & Smoot at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. My work uses the controlled setting of theatre to self-inflect harm in a way that recalibrates it into a coping mechanism, managing trauma in a feasible way. In this sense, not all harm is bad. In fact, harm can have a productive purpose for some, functioning as a sight of control to re-live and re–write histories.  

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